Monday, August 10, 2009

Core Jewels | Black Diamond Collection | part 1

Two words Black Diamonds.
Core Jewels blesses us with the Black Diamond Collection which features elegant black diamonds as it's celebrated focal point. This is only part 1 homie.

can diamonds be a man's best friend?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nike Air Max 90 Premium | Neon - Ostrich | Sample

Yeah we said it...these Nike Air Max 90 Premium | Neon - Ostrich joints are only samples. Samples that sold for over $300 on ebay. But hey look on the bright side (no sneaker pun intended) if you didn't copp these you can always get the OG Infrared colorway...word.

need a sample?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cazal | TI$A 951 Sunglasses

This is what we like to call "FED TIME".
These are Cazal 951 Sunglasses, a frame that was made in the 70's but was really popular in the 80's is back in 2009 courtesy of  the Japanese company TI$A. These are a classic on their own but the 2009 version comes with a TI$A belt attachment so you can rock them around your neck instead of putting them down and with a price tag of $714 you wont want to loose these homie.

would you rock these?

Nike Air Force 1 - Halloween 2009 - "Savage Beast"

Nike is gonna drop some heat in October! Allow us to introduce you to the "Savage Beast", a Nike Air Force 1 | Halloween 2009 sneaker that is making us drool. This sneaker is completely covered with orange pony hair from the sole to the toe don't get more original and flavorful than this. No word on the price but we'll keep you updated.

halloween anyone?