Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What are these??

"The Tokyo-based design collective was started in 2002 by Young-Kee "VERBAL" Yu, a musican, and YOON, a graphic designer. Inspired by music and the many youth cultures of the past and present, they aim to be "FUN IN TOKYO" through their music, designs, and other creative outlets.

In 2004 they launch the jewelry brand, Antonio Murphy & Astro™. Using only 18K gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones, they designed satirical, almost comical renditions of the mainstream Hip Hop jewelry popular at the time. Their diverse range of fans include celebrities and discriminating buyers alike, in and out of Japan.

In 2008 AMBUSH™, the second line to Antonio Murphy & Astro™ is launched. AMBUSH™ will be experimen- tal, using different types of metals, stones, plastics, etc., to express yet another realm of design for wearing pleasure."

I'm sure we will see trendy influential label whores rockin' these soon!


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