Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diadora Elite BB Retro Hits Shelves

Diadora's are dope. We got history, along with Avias and Lotto's but I digress... These joints are clean and fresh to def.
The Italian based company will drop these this November and they will be individually numbered up to 1976 to commemorate the French-born tennis extraordinaire Bjorn Borg 1976-77 Wimbledon championship. like?


E_Napier said...

I do dig the kicks, but I don't have much use for red. Maybe if it were navy or black. Umbro also puts out dope shoes. They released the Brazilia a couple years back, and they came in numerous colorways. I only had two, but if I could, I would've had way more.

Claire said...

To be honest, I just really don't see label whores wearing Diadoras.


why not?