Wednesday, November 19, 2008

“Psychiatric Ward”

Ok so Nike has teamed up with Michael Lau to create the Air Crazy Force 1.
The theme for this sneaker is the “Psychiatric Ward” and is inspires by the walls in a psych ward. We are not sure if the "Crazy Michael" vinyl toy comes with the sneaker but THE LABEL WHORES have taken it upon themselves to dub these kicks the "RUBBER ROOMS".
any problems with that?


Claire said...

I'm scared of these


we think they should have been even more like a "Rubber Room" puffier.

E_Napier said...

The stitching on those kicks is mad fresh for sure. And Michael Lau figures are dope no matter how you look at it.

tREXL612 said...

oooowweeee! tha tally marks seal tha deal