Monday, December 22, 2008


"Hot to def"
Yeah that's basically what we thought when seeing this Concepts/Canada Goose collaboration. This Chilliwack down jacket comes in Black (which features blue zippers and a dope Wolverine fur trimmed hood) and Orange (which has cream colored trim and zippers and a Coyote fur trimmed hood).
so what's it gonna be Wolverine or Coyote?


E_Napier said...

If it were faux fur, I'd be all over that wolverine. The coyote is fresh as all get out too, but I can't swing real fur.

Claire said...

I love me sum real furrrrr

Daren said...

The fur is bought only from hunters (mostly First Nations), no mass slaughter farms. Fake fur production pollutes horribly, so don't act like it's all perfect. The environment is more complex than idealistic people like.

Anonymous said...

Really the wolverine it's way too nice ,. when is it the wolverine is realeased in stores