Thursday, January 15, 2009


You've probably been seeing these pop up in music video from artist like Keyshia Cole to Charles Hamilton; well let us formally introduce you...these are called BEATS BY DR.DRE. These stylish headphone that boast incredible sound not only for music consumers but especially for people like Dr.Dre that spend many hours listening to mixes over and over and over again like Dre has been doing with "DETOX" for the last 10 years dammit!! But we digress...uh yeah...well if you want that quality sound it aint gonna be cheap.
The smaller ipod-ish style headphone is $149.95 while the larger headphone is $349.95
can you hear me now?

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E_Napier said...

I saw these advertised somewhere about a month or so back, and when I saw the price, I damn near choked to death. But you have to pay for quality, right?