Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ART EXHIBIT | MOA | Bloomingdales

Whats good ya'll we know it's been a minute but we were doing some Spring cleaning and we are back to hit with all the exclusives!!! Peep this artist Bertram Cambridge aka TRAMA has an art show at the Mall Of America/Bloomingdales April 17th to May 14th...that's a big look homie.
Check out his site new art website www.bertpaints.webs.com

you peep his paintings?


E_Napier said...

I'd really like to see this, but I won't be in town until the week after the gallery comes down. Guess it's web looks for me. Do your thing.

Oh, did you see South Park last week with Kanye West? They had Farnsworth Bentley III in there, and Kanye's boy with the leopard print pants. Funny as all hell.


lol...when we saw that we fell out on the floor..."gay fish sticks"