Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nike Air Max Trainer 90 Infrared | Hybrid

Ok Ok calm down...
Now for the last year or so there has been the kicks debate over hybrids vs. originals or OG's. Well in the midst of this Holy War Nike has decided to try to convert some of ya'll once again with the very enticing Nike Air Max Trainer 90 Infrared hybrid. This hybrid was created when Plus 41 worked in collaboration with Cellophane. Not sure when they will drop all we know is these are CRAZY!!!

what side of the war or you on hybrid or originals?



these are dope but we have the OG's of both...but if any one wants to buy these for us...hey feel free..;)

E_Napier said...

Those hybrids aren't bad. One of the better hybrids, in my opinion.